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Permutation and Combination-Basics to Advanced | The Practical Way

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Permutation and Combination-Basics to Advanced | The Practical Way is an in-depth online course meticulously designed to cater to individuals keen on mastering the nuanced aspects of combinatorial mathematics. This specialized course aims to bridge the gap between basic understanding and advanced mastery, focusing on permutations and combinations—key concepts that form the foundation of probability, optimization problems, and decision-making in various disciplines.

What you will achieve:

  • Understanding of Counting Principles: Learn to count the number of possible outcomes in various scenarios.
  • Distinction Between Permutations and Combinations: Permutations are when the order of things is important, and combinations are when the order doesn’t matter.
  • Mastery of Formulae: Learn formulas to calculate permutations and combinations.
  • Problem-Solving with Constraints: Solve complex problems with specific conditions.
  • Strategic Problem Solving: Develop strategies for tackling diverse problems.
  • Real-world Applications: Understand the practical applications of these mathematical concepts in everyday life and other academic fields.

What you’ll learn?

  • Fundamental Concepts: Understand the basics of permutations and combinations, including the difference between the two and how to calculate each.
  • Advanced Techniques: Learn about complex topics like restricted permutations, circular permutations, and combinations with conditions.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Develop strategies for solving a wide range of problems using permutations and combinations, enhancing analytical thinking.
  • Preparation for Exams and Interviews: Gain valuable skills and knowledge that can help in academic exams, competitive exams, and job interviews in technical fields.

Who this course is for 

  • Students in mathematics, statistics, or related fields.
  • Professionals in data analysis, software development, and operations research.
  • Competitive Exam Aspirants preparing for tests like GRE, GMAT, or SAT.
  • Educators and Tutors seeking to improve their teaching methods.
  • Mathematics Enthusiasts are interested in deepening their understanding of combinatorial mathematics.

Our Instructor:

Vishwajeet Dhuppe Sir 

  • Over 10 years of experience in training and corporate sectors.
  • Holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology.
  • Possesses a strong foundation in aptitude and analytical skills.
  • Experienced in delivering high-impact training sessions on quantitative aptitude and problem-solving.
  • Skilled in breaking down complex concepts into easily understandable parts.
  • Committed to helping students and professionals enhance their mathematical and analytical abilities
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